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 This jpg came from Creatures Carribean.  It probably came from the Cyberlife pr shots...

"Pooklaroux still wants this norn!!!!!"

No great shakes here folks -- just a person who loves Creatures. I'll share what little I know with you -- and please feel free to share your thoughts an opinions with me. This site is devoted to my fellow AGC Creatures players, especially other people who have websites devoted to Creatures.

Where Credit is Due

The graphics are all pretty much stuff from my own Albias old and new, with a little from the official creatures sites and press releases. Anythiong that appears on this site that isn't mine will be boldly credited -- and permission will be asked for BEFORE posting. What isn't borrowed was made by me using MS Photopaint and Ulead Photoimpact.

If you steal bandwidth from my site, and I find out -- I will switch up my nice happy graphics to something that will show you for the naven you are. If you steal my graphics/content/dl's and put them on your own server w/o my permission, I will contact your ISP & shut you down. No kidding. This is your one and only warning.

Smacks and Scritches


Lis Morris left our community temporarily, but (scritch) we are happy to have her back. Many are having problems with their sites getting pulled because of bogus abuse/warez complaints! People like Denise L. Voskuil and Mannkind! Some think it's a navenish plot by the Avenger Squad or some other troll. Even Lis Morris was framed as a spammer! This is ridiculous!

The second blight on our community is the rash of graphics stealing/site stealing that is going on. It's upset some people so badly that they have taken down community foundation sites like Albia2000, and Creatures Great and Small. Here's my response to that:

Subject: My itty bitty opinion re: webpages

Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 15:25:48 GMT


Organization: Deja News -
The Leader in Internet Discussion


Whenever a great site disappears off the web, it hurts. It doesn't really matter whyfor -- just the fact that it's gone reduces the glory of the net--but by how much? We can't know. The web's juice is that freeflowing glut of info and images.

I am looking for non-commercial pages about something (not Creatures related)-- I can't find any. I already looked at the commercial sites, and they aren't giving me what I need. The commercial sites are really low on content-- they want you to pay for whatever scraps of info they are willing to throw your way. Graphics are meaningless, commercial, or logo-related (completely non-reusable for the average web page designer). Non-commercial sites have heart and soul. Commercial sites are generally barren and heartless.

I know it hurts when someone steals your stuff and posts it as their own. I like the idea of foiling bandwidth theives by replacing the content they are leeching with sucker images. There has got to be some clever way we can foil other graphics thieves.

I guess what I am doing is pleading for the continued diversity and quality of the net. We face enough site closings from ignorant providers, like Xoom, who take down our sites thinking we are warez. I had this terrible vision of what the online Creatures community would be like if all the quality non-commercial sites closed. It would be horrible.

What I think really stomps web copycats? Frequent, inventive updates to pages. They may have your old stuff -- but who cares? You are on to

something new. You can't rest on your laurels in any other field of endeavor-- why should it be so on the net? Knowing you update regularly will draw visitors to your site. It's hard to constantly keep churning up new things, and the best graphics do take time to create -- so personalize em -- so that it will look ludicrous if anyone tries to nab them.

IMHO, we should continue to identify bandwidth theives and graphics snitches on this NG, and we should all lend a hand in posting objections to website owners and ISPs when we find a site that has borrowed, unacknowledged stuff.

Once it's posted on the NG, it's all over. We are a responsive, reactive community. We all dislike and disrespect the website thieves. Anyone who even lurks this NG should be very clear that we don't like that -- and no one who is known to do it will ever become a major player on this NG. We're even a little hard on members in good standing who slip up -- but reformed behavior and appologies are a good place to start.

Now I know my site is no great shakes. If all the best Creatures sites disappeared, and ho-hum sites like mine were left , this community would Disintegrate into a pitiful lump. Or how would you like a net full of quasi commercial sites where you have to get out your VISA card to charge up some cobs and utilities? It would suck, suck, suck, suck, suck.

Please consider -- please -- what the net would be like without our combined freeflowing creativity. Keep your sites up. Resist the temptation to let the web thieves win. Keep the net free -- free of charge, free of prejudice and free of crime.

Just my very humble opinion,



Current small time problem: Cactus Control. They love the bottom of the elevator shaft , and they multiply rapidly.


Spotlight on New Albia

The Sphere Garden Under the Beach

This is a round terrarium like garden that is found beneath the beach area of the volcanic island. In it, you can see the venus fly trap to the right of the lift, and a seed launcher to the left. (ps. AmariDeja -- is that you I see floating up there? I think it is! J )



This page is only a small attempt to provide some basic C2 info. Please take advantage of the great resource we have in the newsgroup called "". You will find your best tips there.


Why I Play Creatures

Frimlin's Pandora has fun with the guitar in my Albia.

They are cuter than tamagotchi and less smelly than hamsters. I'm fascinated by the idea of training them, it's challenging, since they have will and they do what they want to do, when they want to do it. You realize that punishment and reward only go so far -- norns (and humans, really) are impelled by such personal things, and you can't tickle or slap enough to get one away from something they are bound to do (a good lesson for life in general.) I like having a game where there is little to no violence.

Food and Sleep -- Things Every Norn Needs

If I have a beef with the folks who developed this game, it's that they keep on trying to design a "bad species". In real-life, there are no "bad species", just species that interfere with each other, although I'm not sure I really want that element in Creatures (for instance if Grendels were predator and norns were prey, we'd be finding little norn bones and skulls all over Albia...eeewww! yuck!) I'd like my game world to have a potential for everyone to get along on equal terms that seems so hard to establish here in the real world..


C2 Journal

For AmariDeja, here is a tour of parts of my Albia, hosted by Frimlin's Polly (who is deep purple) with a special appearance from Ean Gilliam.

Albia has many different natural environments. Some are lush with edible foods and plants.
There are charming hidden gardens everywhere, waiting to be discovered.

A norn cannot survive by fruit and food alone, every norn needs adventure, Polly seems to be trying to tell us as we take a look at a thriving shelf garden hidden deep within New Albia.


New Albia's answer to Niagara Falls.
The volcanic event that changes the face of Albia created marvelous natural vistas for everyone to enjoy.

There are two ways to approach this observation balcony: use the transporter or take the lifts up from Ettin's Garden.


(Above Left) Polly stops briefly at an underground dock with a cool atmosphere.

(Above Right) Polly realizes that she is tired now that we have entered the calming influence of the forest. Many plants and critters make their home here.

Let's take the show back now to our special guest, Ean Gilliam, who is waiting for us at the Hatchery.
The Hatchery environment has been improved with flowers and toys.

The proceeds from Ean's impromptu concert at the Hatchery will be donated to ERFE.


That's all for our tour today! Come back soon to see Rozi O'Doozer and Leonard Nornoy go through the Control Room the Splicing Room, and find out about the mystery behind Grendel Eggs.


C2 Links

Here's my list of sites with C1/C2 relevant info - that is, I stop by most of these sites just about every day. With all the Creatures sites out there, searching for C2 info is a real chore at this point. My advice is to stay tuned to the newsgroup Check out everyone's sigs for links to great sites.

Wanna Download this Sweetie?


The links have been removed and the table blackened to show what it would be like without our precious Creatures Community Sites.




If you pledge to keep your site up for the community -- no matter what -- I will link you here.
Just e-mail me













Cyberlife's Creatures Site


The Official C2 Site





C2 Downloads

Right now, the selection is limited. Please let me know if there are any problems with downloading files. No gene spliced creations yet (I don't have the heart...) I try to breed all my norns naturally, if it doesn't happen, it wasn't meant to.

Three Little Ladies

Let me know how they do in your Albia!


Daughter of Frimlin's Kermit and a Lis Morris norn.

I almost renamed Bliss "Liz" for "Elizabeth Taylor". Look at her pretty violet eyes! They say you can't breed norns for eye color. So I offer her up as a newly hatched baby, familiar with all words, so her violet beamers and golden corkscrew curls can delight you, too. Okay eater. Likes troffid.



Daughter of Frimlin's Kermit and another Lis Morris norn

 Bira should be called "Erin", but she's only a 2nd gen. She'll eat on her own, and can be coaxed to play with toys -- but beware! She can "push" things from a distance. (Please note: this is a norn with 'tude. It was hard to get a smiley picture of her! She taps her foot and hops up and down -- she looks like she's auditioning for Riverdance.)


Daughter of
Frimlin's Polly and a
Lis Morris norn

She is so playful, and she loves her toys. She likes to play with the ball, so make sure she can get to it. So-so eater. Like Mom, she loves the Zander fish.


Well, that's all for now folks! Come back again soon!

2 if by C, a Creatures site by PookLaRoux

PS: if you want to link to this site, you can use this "2 if by C" graphic. J

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